Hier finden Sie einen Literatur-Veranstaltungskalender und ein Veranstalterverzeichnis für Berlin und Brandenburg.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

Freitag, 28. September 2018

19:30 UHR

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German premiere of "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf" with the author Silke Scheuermann and her English translator, Lucy Jones. Bilingual reading english/german.

A young woman who has been living abroad returns to her hometown of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Her sister Ines—a beautiful, impetuous painter—who still lives there, soon appears and promptly asks for financial help. But the returning sister knew this was coming—it is how their relationship has always worked. And this time, she’s determined that things will be different.
But our plans don’t always hold up to life’s surprises —and when the sister finds herself about to drift into an affair with Ines’s lover, the two women grow unexpectedly closer. "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf" is a tale of disorientation in a modern, rootless society that has become increasingly erratic and self-absorbed and powerful exploration of the difficulties of intimacy and addiction.