Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
Die Entstehung der Rubrik wurde durch eine Förderung des Hauptstadtkulturfonds ermöglicht. 

Elsye Suquilanda


© Elsye Suquilanda


Geboren am: 27.6.1979
Geburtsort: Quito
Geburtsland: Ecuador
Lebt in: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Ausgangssprache: Spanisch
Arbeitssprache: Spanish, English, German

Elsye Suquilanda auf


Elsye Suquilanda Jaramillo (1979 Quito Ecuador) creator with multivitamin, writer, poet, video knitter, cultural manager, self-taught singer and activist for animal rights.

She begins to write stories from the age of 6, poetry that would later become books, essays, plays, film scripts. Among the highlights is the book "Nalgas" Surrealist poetry published in 2003, with this book won an international prize with the poetry "A Shabbat with Lemed"; "Gauzes in the Uterus" short film directed and performed by Elsye, presented at several festivals worldwide. "Surrealist bulls" play, directed by Elsye. She is co-creator of the Dogsofia "Chichoismo" by means of the art to teach the love and respect to all living creatures.

Her writings and poetry has been translated to German, English, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Japanese and Shuar (native language from ecuadorian Amazonia). Published in several anthologies: Poetry Festival Jóven Hugo Mayo-Guayaquil Ecuador 2005. "Transversalia" Humboldt Latin America magazine Berlin 2012. "Cita con la Poesía” Madrid - Berlin 2013 - 2016. "Tejedor en Berlin" Bilbao-Berlin poetic project 2014. Text "Mujer de Pelo en Teta" in book of narrations, authorship of Ecuadorian migrants "Me fuí a volver" by Diego Falconí Tráves, Barcelona - Quito 2014. Text "Américo" in "It occurs to me that I am America" by Nicole Delgado, Puerto Rico - New York 2015. Project "Stadtpoesie" within the framework of the literature festival Stadtsprachen -Berlin 2016. Ecuadorian poetry exhibition Tokyo Japan 2017. Text: "Criaturas de Kaurismäki, en el lado de la Esperanza " as a guest Special in the Aurora Boreal Magazine Copenhagen 2017 and “Creatures of Kaurismäki, on the side of Hope” by Statdsprachen Magazin Berlin 2018.

Resides in Berlin since 2008, belongs to the Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse. Her performatic poetic work includes music, video and costumes. To participated in several festivals: "Grito de Mujer", "In Kult Open mic", "Fieber Festival", "Latinale", "ALBA" Berlin. In 2012 she was invited with her children's story "Julieta la perrita que se humana" to the book fair of Havana - Cuba. "Latinale académica" with her project Creatures of Kaurismäki / investigative poetry (Finnish-Spanish) in the event “Vodka Papaya: Sauna de poesía latino-polar” within the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014. Literary Festival SOUNDOUT different ways of presenting literatur 2014 with the "Swimming pool of poetry" project. Weltliteratur Salon (Berliner Literature) with the writer Argentina Esther Andradi, Berlin 2014. "Auroras Borealis wrapped in crisp volcanoes" within the framework of the Latin American Autumn - Hamburg 2014. XLI International Congress of Jena 2016, in the project: Living in another language , Latin American writers living in Germany. International Poetry Festival in Guayaquil "Ileana Espinel Cedeño" Ecuador 2016. "Poet's Corner" within the framework of the Poesie Festival Berlin 2017. Poem “Sommer in Berliner Krankenhäusern” was published in a music app that turns poetry into music at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.  X International Poetry Festival in Puerto Rico - P.R 2018. 

Elsye presents her poetry as a multilingual performance of eccentric humor.

Poetry and short story books published between the years 2000 -2016

1. Israel, sueño, verdad y esperanza
2. Nalgas
3. Cortina de circo popular
4. Julieta, la perrita que se cree humana (Spanish-German)
5. Ich schicke dir meine Mandeln in einer Brieftaube (Spanish-German)
6. Poesía + Music: Compatriota rescatada en Berlín por el Chichoismo (Spanish - English)
7.Techno Noise Poetry: Die Wandlug Des Aschenputtels vom Späti (Spanish-German)    
8. Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree, 2016 / "Affenwasser" 2018 (work on progress)





6 Fragen

Was hat Sie nach Berlin verschlagen? Die Liebe? Der Zufall? Die Weltpolitik?

planet exchange, life

An Berlin liebe ich:

freedom, the creativity, respect for animals

In Berlin vermisse ich:

my parents, my dog Julieta, my long Quito, the volcanoes, the smell of happiness in Macará the border with Perú.

Ein Lieblingsort in Berlin:

Dunckerstraße where my life started again without knowing and continued in this cristal ball called Berlin

Sind Sie in Berlin ein anderer Mensch, eine andere Autorin, ein anderer Autor als im Land Ihrer Herkunft? Inwiefern?

I am more mature, more calm, I have more inner peace. In Berlin I had being learning a lot, testing different flavours, different textures, meting new creatures, every day is an adventure for me, maybe I am more precise in what I want, I can dance with my writings ,I am not afraid anymore. Berlin is the place where I felt on the floor many times, and where I stand up with new stories and laugh in hands.


1.The poem "A Shabbat with lemed" won first place in a interancional Poetry competition,  magazine HOGAR 2003 2. Best shortmovie "El Tic Tac de mis escritos", reel de oro, Quito - Ecuador 2001 3. Best documental "Mindo Milenario" internal contest Cuest Tv, Quito - Ecuador 2001.


Veröffentlichungen in deutscher Sprache


Criaturas de Kaurismäki

Aurora Boreal 2017 essay

Cenicienta de Späti

Independent - Berlin 2016 Techno Noise Poetry

Julieta, la perrita que se cree humana

Independent - Berlin 2011 childrens book


Abya Yala / Quito - Ecuador 2003 Surrealistic Poetry

Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree

Ajolote / Quito Ecuador 2016 Poetry

Te envío mis amígdalas en una paloma mensajera

no Verlag Milena Berlin / Berlin 2014 Poetry

Cortina de circo popular

Independent - Berlin 2010 Poetry

Israel, sueño, verdad y esperanza

Independent - Berlin 1997 Poetry