Hier finden Sie einen Literatur-Veranstaltungskalender und ein Veranstalterverzeichnis für Berlin und Brandenburg.

Love, Sweat and Laughter – Winter Edition

Donnerstag, 02. Dezember 2021

19:30 UHR


Lettrétage e.V. im ACUD Studio

Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin
Tel.: 030 692 45 38

Eintritt: Eintritt auf Spendenbasis (Empfohlen: 10€)


Soul and the City is thrilled to continue with their “Love, Sweat and Laughter” series of events, which allow an outlet to different types of arts to manifest, intertwine and grow together with the purpose of creating a culturally diverse tapestry of thought-provoking expressions, up-close emotions and in-depth gestures, leaving positive imprints of social engagement and political awareness.

Some of Berlin’s coolest artists will gather together to present their witty performances in an enjoyable, friendly and slammin’ atmosphere refilled with love, sweat and laughter, the right impetus for the entire night. Join them in this event, share in the passion and help them perpetuate hope! Line-up will be announced very soon.

Soul and the city is an international undertaking, encompassing different artistic, educational and entertaining projects meant to explore, stimulate and empower socially engaged multicultural dialogues.

Please note: Seating only upon reservation via soulandthecity@soaring-words.com. Tickets can be transferable. Corona restrictions: vaccine, antibodies certificate. Limited seating. Please reserve in advance to assure your seat.