Hier finden Sie einen Literatur-Veranstaltungskalender und ein Veranstalterverzeichnis für Berlin und Brandenburg.

Girl, Show Me That Body (of Work): Passion and Poetry of Womxn Artists at Solstice

Freitag, 21. Juni 2024

20:00 UHR

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Lettrétage e.V. im ACUD Studio

Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin
Tel.: 030 692 45 38

Eintritt: 10€


Open Mic Ausschreibung/ Lesung

How compelling must a woman be to meet society's expectations? Feminine, vulnerable, but also strong, skilled in a variety of tasks, able to manage both housework, freedom, friendship, family and career. Able to fix a washing machine, have negotiation skills, manage the emotional labor in a couple and at the same time accumulate wealth. Remember to defend her territory when necessary, be attractive and take care of her appearance. Don’t complain too much, smile more, be fully available while self-caring, and maintain an aura of mystery while enduring pain. Be leftist, powerful and determined while being demure. All these aspects seem incompatible, like the contrast between a lioness and a lily, between a motherly saint and a witch. The ripples of this contrast still spread far and wide.
And are not sustainable.

In art, this contrast is perhaps most visibly represented. Cinema, literature, music, performance, as mirrors of society, have often been challenged for their stereotypical portrayal of women characters, often limiting them to superficial roles and to their physical appearance, instead of their ever-evolving, transformative, and perhaps uncomfortable bodies of work.

Girl, Show Me That Body (of Work) is an event series exclusively showcasing womxn writers, poets, and performers from migration backgrounds, illuminating the transgenerational trauma borne by lineage, politics, and society, and the work womxn artists do to heal it.

Created by author and journalist, Ioana Cristina Casapu, the first event serves as a bridge through the shortest night of 2024, when nature's forces peak.

Six womxn artists gather on the brightest day of the year to move us together through the darkness. On June 21, the sun sets at around 10 p.m. This is the brightest, longest day of the year, and the shortest, yet, deepest, darkest night. As we gather, we set the night on fire. We invite you to take in the light and shadow from these stories into your next half of the year.

We bring you poetry, prose, performance, and song in ritualistic celebration, honoring womxn's resilience against historical perils.

Join us in experiencing bodies of work that challenge parsimony and forward progressiveness, illuminating our dance and passing through this night.


We are pleased to present a LINEUP of six international womxn artists connected to Berlin, showcasing works of poetry, prose, performances and music, written and interpreted in English for this edition.