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SAVVY Contemporary


SAVVY Contemporary

Plantagenstraße 31
13347 Berlin
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SAVVY Contemporary: The Laboratory of Form-Ideas is a multidisciplinary, non-profit art space that aims to foster epistemological diversity. We take up the challenge of investigating the THRESHOLD between the WEST and the NON-WEST by challenging this binary and critically reflecting on discourses around WESTERN art and NON-WESTERN art. Being conscious of Berlin’s history and geography of power, one of our focal points is it to deliberate and experiment on issues of conviviality and hospitality. So far we have realized this through a kaleidoscope of formats, disciplines and thoughts in numerous art exhibitions, performances, film screenings, lectures, concerts, readings, talks, dances and by putting up an archive on German colonial history, a performance arts documentation centre, an open library, a residency program for curators, writers and artists, as well as educational projects with schools. Our neighbourhood's history and socio-political status quo, first in Neukölln and now in Wedding, provide a fertile soil for the reflections and discourses of the project which reaches out not only to the art affine but also to the non-art affine.