Claudia Bierschenk

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geboren am: 1976
lebt in: Berlin, Weissensee


Claudia Bierschenk, geboren in Brandenburg und aufgewachsen im Eichsfeld, studierte Anglistik, Romanistik und Politik­wissenschaft in Berlin, Jena und Irland. Sie lernte Russisch in Moskau, war Volontärin in Israel und assistierte an einer deutschen Schule in Chile. Von 2004 bis 2008 lebte sie in einer englischen Klein­stadt und arbeitete als Projekt­managerin bei einer internationalen Übersetzungs­agentur in Sheffield. Nebenbei absolvierte sie ein Abend­studium in kreativem Schreiben an der University of Sheffield und ein Fern­studium in Übersetzen für die englische Sprache. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

Im Dezember 2020 erscheint ihre erste Veröffentlichung in deutscher Sprache:  "Land ohne Verben", bei der edition Überland, Leipzig.

Veröffentlichungen in englischer Sprache (Lyrik, Anthologien): Tangerine Press (London), Pig Ear Press (Brighton and Gozo), Pure Slush (Australia), River Dog Magazine (USA), Paper and Ink Zine (United Kingdom), Divine Brown (United Kingdom) Gasconade Review (USA) u.v.m.


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Veröffentlichungen in Anthologien


Tangerine Press, London 2021 Lyrik


Pure Slush, Australia 2020 Lyrik

Paper and Ink Zine #15

Paper and Ink Zine 2019 Lyrik


Pig Ear Press Gozo and Brighton 2018 Lyrik


Tangerine Press London 2017 Lyrik


Tangerine Press London 2020 Lyrik

Divine Brown

Hickathrift Press, UK 2019 Lyrik


Tangerine Press London 2019 Lyrik


Tangerine Press London 2018 Lyrik


Pure Slush Australia 2013 Lyrik

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MDR Thüringen Journal, 16.3. 2021, Buchtipp




"A magical, absurdist retelling of life on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, Never Mind, Comrade shows the reader what it's like to look at an authoritarian system through the curious eyes of a child. From the descriptions of school days to May Day celebrations, one marker looms particularly large in Bierschenk's childhood: the fence, arbitrarily erected in between villages and families. But by the end of the memoir, it has been reduced to what it always was: "the fence is just a fence."
— Idler

"While the 1980s may not seem so long ago, even if you feel as though you have not lived through extraordinary times, [Never Mind, Comrade] shows the value of penning our own memoirs. Claudia Bierschenk’s have the added importance of shedding light on a fearful and important chapter of the European continent’s past, as seen through a child’s eyes."
— Family Tree


"A compelling and poetic account of the harsh realities of life behind the Berlin Wall. These profoundly moving reflections on the Soviet Era are a testament to Claudia Bierschenk's exceptional skill as a writer, listener and observer. One of my books of the year, so far."

— Adelle Stripe, author of Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile (shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Prize and Portico Prize for Literature). Her most recent book, Ten Thousand Apologies, is a music biography of the cult UK band, Fat White Family and a Sunday Times bestseller.

“Fascinating, absurd, tender postcards from the other side of the Iron Curtain. They build into an insightful, moving portrait of an entire lost society and those who survived it.”

— Darran Anderson, author of Imaginary Cities (a best book of 2015, Financial Times, The Guardian). Inventory, his 2020 memoir about growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, was book of the week in the Observer and selected as a Book of the Year by The Quietus and Irish Times.


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