Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
Die Entstehung der Rubrik wurde durch eine Förderung des Hauptstadtkulturfonds ermöglicht. 

Stefano Zangrando




© Giulio Monteduro


Born: 11.10.1973
Birthplace: Bolzano
Country of birth: Italy
Lives in: Berlin, Mitte

Source language: Italian
Target language: German
Working language: Italian, sometimes German


Stefano Zangrando was raised in Bolzano, South Tyrol, in an Italian-speaking family. After finishing high school he moved to Trento, where he studied Literature. He came for the first time to Berlin in 2000 as a language student and doing an internship; more stays as a doctoral student and DAAD scholarship recipient were soon to follow. In this time he wrote literary reviews for Italian newspapers and magazines, completed his PhD, and started working as a cultural mediator and translator of German literature. In 2006, he was one of the co-founding members of the International Seminar of Novel Writing at the University of Trento, which he still coordinates today. In 2008, he received a scholarship from the 'Junge Akademie' of the Berlin Academy of the Arts, in 2013 then, he participated in the Internationale Übersetzerwerkstatt at the LCB in Berlin. In 2016 he organised a translation workshop in his native town and became a member of the South Tyrolean Author's Association. He lives, writes, and commutes as a lecturer, translator, and writer between Berlin and the Trentino region in South Tyrol.  

6 Questions

What brought you to Berlin? Love? World politics? Or was it a coincidence?

A coincidence – which, I assume, is just another word for fate.

What do you love about Berlin?

The somewhat unharmonious variety – from the structure of the city to the unpredictability of each and every encounter one makes – and the hazy, laid-back nature.

What do you miss in Berlin?

My son and the fruits and vegetables from my grandparent's garden.

What is your favorite spot in Berlin?

Every corner where the slanting sunshine can touch you unhindered on a late afternoon when the seasons are changing.

Would you say you are a different person in Berlin? A different translator? And if yes, in what way?

Not really. Here I can simply concentrate on myself and my writing, while the time spent back home is usually more of a distraction or marred by non-convenient compromises.

Which existing literary work do you wish you had written?

My own, which so far has been stuck for way too long inside my head. I prefer to re-read my favourite literary works than to regret not having written them myself – quite to the contrary: You can never have enough role models to draw inspiration from.


2018  Residency scholarship from the TOLEDO Programm, LCB Berlin

2009  German-Italian Translation Prize for the Best Young Translator

2008  Residency scholarship from the Academy of Arts, Berlin

2006  DAAD scholarship for Young Scientists 


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