Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
Die Entstehung der Rubrik wurde durch eine Förderung des Hauptstadtkulturfonds ermöglicht. 

Viviane de Santana




Viviane de Santana Paulo


Born: 31.7.1966
Birthplace: São Paulo
Country of birth: Brasil
Lives in: Berlin, Friedenau

Source language: German, Spanish
Target language: Portuguese


Viviane de Santana (Viviane de Santana Paulo) was born in São Paulo in 1966, studied Comparative Studies and German Philology at the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn and got her teaching license for German as a foreign language. Among various articles, she published stories and poems in several Latin-American literary magazines and anthologies. She contributed to the Brazilian anthologies Roteiro de Poesia Brasileira - Poetas da década de 2000 (Global Editora, São Paulo, 2009), and Antología de poesía brasileña  (Huerga Y Fierro, Madrid, 2007).

6 Questions

What brought you to Berlin? Love? World politics? Or was it a coincidence?

I came to Germany because of its language and culture, and to Berlin because of world policy and various personal reasons. I lived in Bonn for many years and it had always been my wish to live in a metropolis.

What do you love about Berlin?

I love that some places are able to transfer us into other cities. The architecture and landscape are very different in some part of the city, and make you believe you really are in another city.

What do you miss in Berlin?

More tidiness and safety in some places, and more flowers

What is your favorite spot in Berlin?

It gives me a peaceful and cozy feeling when I walk beneath the shadow of trees through the narrow streets around the Rüdesheimer Platz. The beautiful architecture of the apartment buildings is enchanting.

Would you say you are a different person in Berlin? A different translator? And if yes, in what way?

Certainly yes! Every surrounding influences a writer in a certain way. In Berlin, I am interested in biographies of people from different countries, in politics, and in the environment from a global perspective.

Which existing literary work do you wish you had written?

Many good works. Starting with those of Ingeborg Bachmann, Marguerite Yourcenar, Harper Lee, Clarice Lispector, Virginia Woolf, Guimarães Rosa, Simone de Beauvoir... there are so many, that I can’t really name a single one.


2016  participant of the VIII International Poetry Festival in Granada, Nicaragua and the International Festival “Curtea de Argeş Poetry Nights”


Publications in original language

Viver em outra língua

solid earth, Berlin, 2017 Roman

Estrangeiro de mim

Gardez! Verlag, Remscheid, 2005 story

Depois do canto do gurinhatã

Multifoco-Rio de Janeiro, 2011 poetry

Passeio ao Longo do Reno

Gardez! Verlag, Remscheid, 2002 poetry

Translated publications

Um relatório para uma academia (Ein Bericht für eine Akademie)

(n.t.) Revista Literária em Tradução 10ª Florianópolis - Brasilien, 2015 story by Franz Kafka

Ah, a mesa (Sobre a poesiEla do poeTu) (Ach, der Tisch (Zur PoeSie des PoeDu), A frase inquietante (Der beunruhigende Satz)

Jornal Rascunho, Curitiba, Brasilien, 2013 poetry by Gerhard Falkner

“Outono” (Hebst), “Domingo em uma cidade do interior (Kleinstadtsonntag), Encontro II (Begegnung II)

Inimigo Rumor 17. Rio de Janeiro - Brasilien, 2004 poetry by Ernst Wichner

Mais solitário jamais (Einsamer nie)

(n.t.) Revista Literária em Tradução 9º -Florianópolis - Brasilien, 2014 poetry by Gottfried Benn

natureza morta (nature morta), jardim botânico (botanischer garten), minhocas, (regenwürmer) hamburgo-berlim, o ocidente (der ocident), bar na província

Zeitschrift Revista Coyote nr. 24- Londrina - Brasilen, 2012 poetry by Jan Wagner