Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
Die Entstehung der Rubrik wurde durch eine Förderung des Hauptstadtkulturfonds ermöglicht. 

Elsye Suquilanda


© Elsye Suquilanda


Geboren am: 27.6.1979
Geburtsort: Quito
Geburtsland: Ecuador
Lebt in: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Ausgangssprache: Spanisch
Arbeitssprache: Spanish, Englihs, German

Elsye Suquilanda auf


Curriculum Vitae  Elsye Suquilanda Poet / Writer, video Kinitter Artist & Performance  

studies 2001-2003: Production of Radio and Television Institute Cuest TV in Quito, Ecuador. 1998-1999: cinematography at Columbia College, of Fine Arts of Chicago Chicago, Illinois.

career 1997 - Production of several short films, feature films, documentaries on the authorship of Ecuador where directed, produced, wrote the script and acted. Participated projects several of his colleagues, also appeared in a TV miniseries G.E.A.D the role of Ceci Alarcón, secret agent. Activities education in the field of theater, dance and video with the theme on Film (Luigi Galvani school in Quito), as in the area of cinema at the Istituto Cuest Tv and St. Thomas University in Quito. Workshops such as "Director multifunctional video in low-budget" ASOCINE.

Production of poetry and writings

At the age of 6 years of age begins to write poetry, stories which are then transformed into screenplays, texts, essays, plays.

Publications from 1997 - 2017

1997: Book of Poetry: Israel, dream, truth and hope
2003: Surrealist Poetry Book: Nalgas edited AbyaYala, Quito. The poem "A Shabbat with lemed" won first place in competition interancional Poetry magazine HOGAR, the poem " Surreal Bulls " was taken to the theater with a children school in Ecuador Luigi Galvani. Poem "Gauzes in the uterus" where the author acts in the lead role and directs, has been presented at various international festivals. Link:
2004: Book of Poetry: Cortina de circo popular edited by Profanofilms, M.I. A und JM.B poem "Texaco" has been one of the most important in their presentations, talks and damage claim from the earth and its creatures. Link:
2012: children's story in two languages German and Spanish / Julieta der Kleine Hund der glaubte, ein Mensh zu sein/ Translated by: Vera Johannes von Bargen and Anita Thirklette, Illustrations: Stefen Schmolke. Released independently supported by Netzwerk Cuba, Cuba Embassy in Berlin, Berlin.
2014: Te envío mis amísgadals en una paloma mensajera/ Ich schicke dir meiner Mandeln in einer Brieftaube, German translation by: In Kult, Marlene Schäfer, Stefan Franze, Rike Bolte. Illustration: Xueh Magrini Troll. Edited by Milena No-Editorial, Berlin 2014, second edition by Kollektiv Dunckerstraße Berlin 2016.
2014: CD: Music Poetry:Compatriota rescatada por el Chichoismo en Berlín. Graphic: Jarno Eerola und Elsye Suquilanda. Recorded at Kollektiv Dunckerstraße 
2015-2016: CD: Techno-Noise Poesie: Transición de Cenicienta de Späti/ Die Wandlung Aschenputtel . Booklet poetry in German and Spanish . Translation: Christiane Quandt Music: Joe Le Bon illustration: Xueh Magrini Troll
2016:Autobiographical poetry book, animal rights , black humor: Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree . Ajolote Editorial, Quito, Illustrations:  Xueh Magrini Troll. Link Project:

Contributions Anthologies and Newspapers

2017: Poetry Anthology:  published in the Contemporary Poetry Notebook of Tokyo, Japan
2017: Essay “Criaturas de Kaurismäki in the side of Hope ”. Aurora Boreal literatur Magazine – Copenhagen
2016: Poetry Anthology: Palabras de la Tierra Poetry 2. Madrid - Berlin
2015: The Anthology ...El Tejedor en Berlín, curated Jorge Ernesto J. Locane Star Editorial:La otra puerta a la izquierda, with the poems "Bus Catar no es lo mismo que ir a catar olores " " Comer prójimo"" Funeral "P. 67-74.
2015: The Anthology: Ofrenda Poética a las Momias (Latin authors), Berlin / Cuba with poetry "Ñuska Wilka (Sacred Princess)"  P. 6-7.
2015: In Experiment Translation: It Occurs to me that I am America, Nicole Delagado, Puerto Rico - New York, with her own version of the version of Allan Ginsberg "AMERICA" under the name "Americo".
2015: With the text "Why do dogs sing" on the album: "Love House Musik music" Finnish DJ Joe Le Bon, produced by Moods & Grooves Detroit, USA.
2014: The Anthology: The club is open to "Texaco", "Angela kommst Gerade von der After Party ", "Chichoismo, Love and Respect for all living creatures (Manifesto)" "Frau mit haare auf der brust" Edited by Non - Editorial Milena Berlin Mutant Feast, Milena Casserole, Berlin. P. 1-3.
2014: In the Anthology of Narrations, Authorities of Ecuadorian Migrants – Me fui a volver . With the text "Woman with hair in tiit " Edited by Diego Falconí Través, Corporación Editorial Nacional, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Ecuador. Barcelona / Ecuador. P. 249-257.
2012: In the Anthology: Words of the Earth. Quotation of poetry 1, Edited by José Pablo Quevedo, Andoni L. Ros Soler, Jürgen Polinski, Barbara Krüger with the Poems "Texaco", "Sheep without shepherd dog with fleas" Madrid / Berlin. P. 40-42
2011: In the Humbolt Magazine, project: Transversalia Edited by Rike Bolte and Ulrike Prinz. With poetry "Sheep without shepherd dog with Casa Editorial Berlin. P. 69.
2003: In: Memories of the First Young Poetry Festival "Hugo Mayo", Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the poems "Bus catar no es lo mismo que ir a catar olores "Piedras mamíferas" edited by the Buseta de Papel Group. Editorial Pedro Jorge Vera, House of the Ecuadorian culture Benjamín Carrión. Guayaquil, Ecuador.  P. 99 and P.  129 – 130.   
Participation in festivals and other events

2017: Poet´s Corner Mitte Galerie Manière Noire, Berlin

2016: International Poetry Festival of Guayaquil Illeana Cedeño: Guayaquil   

2016: Stadsprache Literature Festival with the project: Stadtpoesie a concert of verses by Timo Berger, and in Stadsprachen Expressional with Kollektiv         Dunckerstrasse Techno Noise – Poetry project . Berlin

2016: XLI International Congress of Literature of Jena, project: Vivir en otra lengua, Latin American writers residing in Germany (poetry, performnaces, songs).

2016, 2015, 2014, 2012: Latinale Poetry Festival: Berlin and Berlin / Osnabrück.

2015, 2013, 2011: Fieber Berlin Festival with "Doñaa Berlin – Transición de Cenicienta de Späti" "Mujer de Pelo en Teta con los huevarios bien puestos".

2015: UARtes Guayaquil, Ecuador: Interactive Chat with the Project: "Doña Berlin "(Poetry, visuals, costume).

2014: Latin American Autumn (Hamburg): With the Project " Volcanes crujientos envuelto en aurora borealis”

2014: Within the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair, at Instituto Cervantes de Berlin with: "Creatures of Kaurismäki: investigative poetry" in the project Wodka Papaya: Poesía Latino Polar. Berlin.

2014: SOUNDOUT- Lettrétage Festival: Different ways of present literature.With the project: "Swimming pool of poetry". Berlin.

2014: Representative of Ecuador on the day of the book at the Joán Miró School in the city of Berlin with the project: CHICHOISMO (four-legged angels)

2014: Participant of the Weltliteratursalon der Berliner Literarischen Aktion e.V. Together with the writer Esther Andradi (Argentina) Berlin.

2013, 2012, 2011: Representate of Ecuador in AlBA with different projects of its authorship (Bolivarian Alliance of our people of America) in Berlin

2013 und 2012: In Kult Open Mic. Berlin.

2013 und 2011: Women's Festival in Berlin "Grito de Mujer"

2012: Invited to the Fair of the Book of the Habana Cuba, 8 presentations where they distributed 500 copies of the story Julieta the dog that is believed human, for children, adults, and the animal protection society.

2010: Presentation of the Sukillakta World "Surreal, urban poetry" with Latin American and European artists in the French Alliance of Quito and Berlin.  2007: Nelson Estupiñan Bass Festival. Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Other activities and projects

2007-2011: Singer and composer of the punk band -minimalist- acoustic "Mi papá es Comunista" (Demo-CD: "No me gristes chancho" 2007 Chulla vida Producciones, Quito, Ecuador.  

2008-2016: Involvement and participation in various art and poetry festivals with the  Performances with poetry, where music, video and the spoken or spoken word are generated Poetic experience. Since 2009: Support logistic level and concerts of the bands of Ecuadorian music that arrive in Berlin as: Sudakaya, Rocola Bacalo, Ente, La Piñata, Tomback, Swing Original Monks.

2013: Voice of the documentary "The Paradise of the Mafia: Cuba before the Revolution of 1959" by Bernhard Pfletschinger and Hans-Peter Weymar, presented at the Book Fair of Havana. Elsye Suquilanda co-founded the dog-friendly current "Chichoism" that advocates a natural lifestyle, love and respect to all living beings alike. The "Chichoism" is spread in the performances in Berlin and Quito and Barcelona, as well as in other cities of the world and spreads the doctrine of the peaceful coexistence of all living beings. Project Link:

Current Projects Since 2014:

Investigative poetic project for fiction documentary, which examines the relationship of the Finnish language and the culture of the language and culture of Quichua. Amasauna, why the Finns are so much like the Ecuadorians. Member of Kollektiv Dunckerstraße, Berlin.

Started to write a essay book, and last poetry book "Agua de Mono" is translated into German and will be released soon.




6 Fragen

Was hat Sie nach Berlin verschlagen? Die Liebe? Der Zufall? Die Weltpolitik?

planet exchange, life

An Berlin liebe ich:

freedom, the creativity

In Berlin vermisse ich:

my parents, my dog Julieta, my long Quito, the volcanoes, the smell of happiness in Macará the border with Perú.

Ein Lieblingsort in Berlin:

Dunckerstraße where my life started again without knowing and continued in this cristal ball called Berlin

Sind Sie in Berlin ein anderer Mensch, eine andere Autorin, ein anderer Autor als im Land Ihrer Herkunft? Inwiefern?

I am more mature, more calm, I have more inner peace. In Berlin I had being learning a lot, testing different flavors, different textures, meting new creatures, every day is an adventure for me, maybe I am more precise in what I want, I can dance with my writings ,I am not afraid anymore. Berlin is the place where I felt in the floor many times, and where I stand up with new stories and laugh in hands.

Ein literarisches Werk, das ich gern geschrieben hätten:

Historia de un perro llamado Leal, Luis Sepúlveda


1.The poem "A Shabbat with lemed" won first place in a interancional Poetry competition,  magazine HOGAR 2003
2. Best shortmovie "El Tic Tac de mis escritos", reel de oro, Quito - Ecuador 2001
3. Best documental "Mindo Milenario" internal contest Cuest Tv, Quito - Ecuador 2001
4. Fifth place painting contest "Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana", Quito - Ecuador 1988


Veröffentlichungen in deutscher Sprache


Criaturas de Kaurismäki

Aurora Boreal 2017 essay

Cenicienta de Späti

Independent - Berlin 2016 Techno Noise Poetry

Julieta, la perrita que se cree humana

Independent - Berlin 2011 childrens book


Abya Yala / Quito - Ecuador 2003 Surrealistic Poetry

Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree

Ajolote / Quito Ecuador 2016 Poetry

Te envío mis amígdalas en una paloma mensajera

no Verlag Milena Berlin / Berlin 2014 Poetry

Cortina de circo popular

Independent - Berlin 2010 Poetry

Israel, sueño, verdad y esperanza

Independent - Berlin 1997 Poetry