Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
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Danielle Risterucci-Roudnicky



Born: 31.12.1949
Birthplace: Trier (Trèves)
Country of birth: Germany
Lives in: Berlin, Charlottenburg

Source language: German
Target language: French
Working language: French


Danielle Risterucci-Roudnicky is of Corsican origin, and was born in Trier in 1949 where she graduated from school (Lycée Ausone) in 1967. She studied Literature in France, and took her state examination there. From 1972 on, she worked as a teacher in the Brittany, and from 1978 at a French gymnasium in Berlin. She finished her PhD thesis (The Reception of French Literature in the GDR) at the Sorbonne in 1996. Three years later, she started teaching Comparative Literature Studies at the University of Orléans. Since 2010, she works as a translator of literary works.She is living in Berlin since 1978, with many temporary stays in France, for instance in Paris, and in Corsica. One of the key questions of her research is how books, authors, literature in general change when stepping over borders of countries or cultures. The theory of translation that was developed in Introduction à l’analyse des œuvres traduites (2008), as well as in various articles, is the basis of Danielle’s work as a translator.

6 Questions

What brought you to Berlin? Love? World politics? Or was it a coincidence?

Work and love, in this chronology! In 1978, France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent me to the French gymnasium in Berlin; in 1979, I met my husband and stayed in Berlin.

What do you love about Berlin?

The uncomplicated, the possible, the creative, the tolerance.

What do you miss in Berlin?


What is your favorite spot in Berlin?

Schlachtensee in autumn light…

Would you say you are a different person in Berlin? A different translator? And if yes, in what way?

I haven’t changed, but my view on the world has - people, customs, language (my own and the other one) - I look at all that with a different perspective (you see everything in a different light when you step over a border)

Which existing literary work do you wish you had written?

Without hesitation: a short story by Argentinean writer Julio Cortázar: Las Babas del Diablo. Antonioni turned it into the movie Blow Up.


Translated publications

Sándor Márai, Sándor Márai et le reportage littéraire (1920-1932: Frankfurter Zeitung ; Der Drache ; Simplicissimus ; Die Weltbühne). With a preface by the translator.

Albin Michel / Paris, to be published newspaper article

Franz Hessel, Geheimes Berlin (Berlin secret), with a preface by Walter Benjamin and an afterword by Manfred Flügge

Albin Michel / Paris, 2017 novel

Erika MANN, The Gang of Ten (Le Gang des Dix), mit einem Vorwort von Danielle Risterucci-Roudnicky

Editions Faustroll, Le Presbytère à Claunay, 2018 Exil-Jugendliteratur

Erika Mann, Wenn die Lichter ausgehen (Quand les lumières s'éteignent), with a preface by D. Risterucci-Roudnicky and an afterword by I. von der Lühe

Grasset / Paris, 2011, 2012 documentary fiction


Übersetzung und Zensur (am Beispiel der DDR) / Das Vorwort des Übersetzers

Université de Valenciennes; Université de Lille, March 2017 presentations

Le poème diffracté. Lire au miroir de l’anthologie (The fragmented poem mirrored by anthology)

Presses Université de Valenciennes, coll. Europe n°6, 2014 literary criticism (Article in: Thomas Barège [dir.], Tomás Segovia. Par-delà les frontières)

L'auteur et son traducteur (The writer and his translator)

Guadelajara (Mexiko) - XVI. International Congress of translation and interpreting, San Jerónimo 2012 / La Fiera del Libro (guest: Chile), 2012 (25-27 November) presentations

Example of German theater in French in the XIX. century

Verdier/Paris, 2012 contribution to the chapter "Übersetzung des fremden Theaters" (VI/C) in: HTLF (Chevrel, D'Hulst, Lombez [dir.], History of translations into French, XX. century)

L’anthologie poétique plurilingue » (The multilingual poetry anthology)

Stauffenburg, Colloquium Bd 75/Tübingen, 2012 literary criticism (Article in: Fischer, Nickel [dir.], Lyrik-Übersetzungen zwischen Imitatio und poetischem Transfer)

Der Leser von übersetzter Literatur / Eine Autobiografie in einer fremden Sprache schreiben: Elias Canetti, Vladimir Nabokov, Julien Green

Italien: Universität von Chieti, 2010 (2-9 Mai) seminar and presentation

Nausikaa, bibliographie de transfert informatisée (Nausikaa, transfer bibliography)

Maison des sciences de l'homme/Paris, 2010 transfer bibliography (book and CD. Theory and example: Computer file of French literature in the GDR)

« Parler de soi dans la langue de l’autre : Joseph Conrad, Elias Canetti et Julien Green.» (Writing about oneself using the language of the other)

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Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers - Die Erfahrung des Übersetzers - Die Kritik der Übersetzungen - Übersetzung und Exil

Mexiko-Stadt (Universität von Mexiko; Stiftung der mexikanischen Geisteswissenschaften; Casa Refugio), 2012 (19-23 November) seminars (French Institute of Latin America: as part of the training of young translators in French); and presentations

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Pour ou contre Babel ? L’anthologie de poésie étrangère bilingue (For or against Babel? The bilingual anthology of foreign poetry)

Kolloquium/Toulouse, 2004 presentation