Der neue Bereich unseres Portals macht es sich zum Anliegen, die internationalen Literaturszenen Berlins zu kartographieren, die handelnden Personen und ihre Schauplätze sichtbar und zugänglich zu machen. 
Die Entstehung der Rubrik wurde durch eine Förderung des Hauptstadtkulturfonds ermöglicht. 

François Jonquet


© Vinciane Verguethen


Born: 12.7.1961
Birthplace: Châlons-en-Champagne
Country of birth: France
Lives in: Berlin, Kreuzberg

Language: French
Working language: French


François Jonquet is a writer and art critic. He graduated the prestigious University for Political Sciences (IEP 1986). In 1992, he published a monography about the sculptor Philippe Hiquily (Hiquily, Le Cercle d’art), and Intimate Conversations with Gilbert & George (Phaidon) in 2005, which arose from a ten year collaboration and contains long conversations with the artist couple (Les Cahiers Rouges, Grasset, 2016). Moreover, François wrote a biography about Jenny Bel’Air who is a drag artist and was part of the Paris night scene in the 1970ies and 80ies (Jenny Bel’ Air, une créature, Pauvert 2001). Sabine Wespieser’s press published two of his novels: Et me voici vivant (2006) und Les Vrais Paradis (2014), as well as a short story about the last year in the life of the actor Daniel Emilfork (Daniel, 2008).A personal portrait of Valérie Lang – the actress, political activist and daughter of Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture of President François Mitterrand – was published in 2018. (Je Veux brûler tout le temps, Seuil). She died suddenly at the age of forty-seven.

6 Questions

What brought you to Berlin? Love? World politics? Or was it a coincidence?

I saw Berlin as a white page to fill 9 years ago.

What do you love about Berlin?

The mystery of the town, the opportunity to stay in my own world.

What do you miss in Berlin?

the genuine French baguette

What is your favorite spot in Berlin?

the SBahn between Nordbahnhof and the north

Would you say you are a different person in Berlin? A different translator? And if yes, in what way?

I can stay totally in my world


Publications in original language

Je veux brûler tout mon temps

éditions du Seuil, 2018


Sabine Wespieser, 2008

Gilbert & George, Intimate conversations avec François Jonquet

Phaïdon, 2005 art book


Cercle d'art, 1992 art book

Les vrais paradis

Sabine Wespieser, 2014 novel

Et me voici vivant

Sabine Wespieser, 2006 novel

Jenny Bel'Air

Pauvert, 2001 biography