2016 | KW 51

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Buchempfehlung der Woche

von Raziel Reid
Kanadischer Schriftsteller. Sein vielbeachteter Debütroman "Movie Star" (dt. Erstausgabe 2016 im Albino Verlag) gewann den renommierten Governor General’s Literary Award 2014.

Henry Miller
Wendekreis des Krebses
(Roman); Aus dem Amerikanischen Englisch von Kurt Wagenseil, Bertelsmann Verlag, Jahrhundert-Edition 1991 (OA: "Tropic of Cancer", 1934/ dt. EA. 1953 als limitierte Auflage bei Rowohlt Hamburg))

I have spent the year travelling in Europe and kept very little luggage with me, believing all a writer needs is a carry-on bag, possibly a suit, and his writing materials including a good book to read. Most of the books I’ve picked up along the way I have passed on to friends once finished, or left in Airbnb’s for future readers, but I have kept one novel with me — "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller. It is the vagrant bible, the muse of the nomadic, transient dreamer and one of the most truthful works about the writer’s life lived on the fringe of mainstream society. Miller’s Paris is gone and dead, but the hustle to survive in Europe is perhaps even more pertinent today — one could imagine a modern Miller befriending (and bedding) refugees and finding inspiration in the bleak glamour of these times.