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Buchempfehlung der Woche

von Redfern Jon Barrett

Redfern Jon Barrett wurde 1984 im Norden Englands geboren. Bevor er zum Studium nach Wales zog, lebte er in verschiedenen Markstädten, Badeorten und post-industriellen Städten. Redferns Roman »The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights« (Lethe Press, 2015) wurde für den Bisexual Book Award und den Lambda Literary Award nominiert. Seine Kurzgeschichten wurden in Zeitschriften wie Booth, The Sun, Passages North, SLEEK , and Flash Fiction Online veröffentlicht. Redfern ist außerdem Aktivist für LGBTQ- und Polyamorie-Rechte und lebt seit 10 Jahren in Berlin, mit zwei Partnern und zu vielen Büchern.

Cory Doctorow
(Roman); Aus dem Amerikanischen Englisch von Jürgen Langowski, Heyne Verlag, München 2018.

When I consider the current corona-capitalism crisis, there’s one particular novel which sticks to mind: Walkaway (2017), by the Canadian speculative fiction author Cory Doctorow. As a speculative writer myself, I recognise the power stories have to carve fresh paths and sculpt novel solutions – and as old worlds and old ways buckle and collapse before our isolated eyes, we need such stories now more than ever. As such, Walkaway presents us with an ambitious work of utopian fiction at a time when we’re in dire need of utopian dreams.

Beginning in a cruel, disintegrating capitalist world not so dissimilar to our own, the novel struggles toward a society which values provision over exploitation, and kindness over competition. Weaving technological advancements with political daring while following a large cast of diverse characters, Doctorow presents his vision in a way which is both compelling and entertaining. As a result, Walkaway accomplishes a delicate balance between escapism and social vision; perfect for curious minds trapped indoors, wondering where we go from here.

Should a society that puts people before profit still reward hard work? Is it responsible to walk away from cruel power structures if it means leaving the vulnerable behind? How can such a world resolve its own struggles and attempts at domination? I once remarked that this could be the most important novel of the Tens, and it plays with questions that have long since circled round my eco- socialist mind. Stay in place and read it for yourself, because Walkaway is a story we need for a time when we can no longer walk away from our problems.

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